The first post

Hello.  If you are  reading this, you must be interested in our adoption process, and probably have been supportive to us.  We thank you.  Adoption is a tough process, with many ups and downs.  It’s also unfamiliar to those who haven’t been through the process.  I hope that this blog will help you understand the process, and it will give us an outlet to talk about the biggest change of our lives.

Let me tell you where we are now.  We made the decision to adopt a couple of months ago.  We met with an adoption agency and are in the middle of the process to be certified and approved.  There are so many steps: home study, fire inspection, background checks, health physicals, education courses with the county, etc.  We’re probably about half way done with those.  If all goes well, we could have our profile book (the book they show birthmothers so they can choose a family) out by the end of June.  Its exciting, daunting, and scary all at the same time.

Thank you again for your support, and please check back anytime!

The Kleins


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