Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Last Friday Steph introduced me to stranger at home. She let me know he was there, but kept us apart. I just wanted to say hi and get to know him, but she didn’t think that was a good idea. Does she like him more than me? She seems to be keeping him close. Why didn’t she get this excited to see me?

She sat down with him in the living room. I tried to get close, but I was scolding for getting too close. So, not only is he stealing my attention, he’s getting me in trouble in my own house. Later he had out some things he had brought with him. I get in trouble again for checking them out.

This is where it gets really bad. She takes him upstairs by themselves. She tells me I can’t come up now. I hear strange noises, but I can’t get upstairs because she’s blocked the way. After a while, she reemerges with him, only he’s changed into new clothes. What was going on up there?

Now I’m getting really mad. I grab the chain he brought with, but before I can get far I’m caught. At least I’m getting some attention. Not for long though. He starts fussing around, and her attention goes right back to him. What about me? I’ve been here longer. This is my house! You didn’t ask me if you can bring him over. You can’t imagine what I feel when you go off with him and I don’t know what’s going on.

It gets late, and Steph takes him back home. When she comes back, I’m back to being #1. I enjoy the attention. She assures me that I’m still very important, that he’s just someone who needs help, but I can still smell him on her, and on the bed upstairs. I love you, but I’m more cautious than I was before.

Next time, let me introduce myself the way I need to. Make sure you’re just excited to see me, maybe even more so. Don’t shut me out, or I’ll shut you out. I’ll always love you, just keep reminding me you love me, sometimes my memory can be fuzzy, just like me.

-Quinton (as interpreted by Scott)

Last Friday we babysat, and it was quite the experience. He’s five months old and just the happiest baby in the world, even though he was sick with some congestion. Quinton so wanted to be close, just didn’t know what to make of him, but we had to keep them apart so he wouldn’t get too coughy. There was barking, some attempted toy thievery, and lots of jealousy. It took Quinton about 3.5 of the 4 hours to get to the point where he could tolerate the intrusion. It definitely taught us a few lessons, which we’ll have to learn from in the next month or so. – Scott


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