One more step is complete. The fire inspection went well and we are approved by the Fire Marshal. He was a very kind man, and a dog person, so Quinton was okay with him. The fire inspection includes: checking that each bedroom has a smoke detector, each floor has a detector, make sure they all work, have an extinguisher in the kitchen, and make sure that the areas around the furnace and water heater are clutter free.

The other issue we had this week was making sure that our water wasn’t turned off. Why? Because we’re not going to water our lawn this year. Huh? Well, here’s the story. When we bought this house, it had an underground sprinkler system. Awesome, right? Yes, but as with most awesome things, expensive. Unless you have a counter installed to tally the amount of water you use for the lawn vs. regular water use, you pay sewage cost on all of it. Water in Fairborn isn’t cheap. (Sometime I miss Nebraska) So, with added expenses coming, we decided not to water this year to save some cash.

Well, all sprinkler systems have to have a backflow certification. We told them that we wouldn’t be using our system this year, so we weren’t going to have the backflow device re-certified. Makes sense, right? Why spend $75 getting something certified that you aren’t going to use. No response, until a letter showed up that we had 14 days to certify or our water gets turned off. Eek! Steph tried in earnest to talk some sense into them. They just kept saying that they couldn’t take our word that we weren’t going to use it. However, if we told them it was broken, that would have been acceptable. She had half the mind to call them back and tell them it was broken…unfortunately she has too much integrity for that. After talks with the city, we decided the easiest option was to go ahead and certify. One thing that will definitely derail your adoption is if you don’t have running water. During home inspection, they will flush your toilets. Yes, that’s right, they flush your toilets! Kind of strange until you think about the fact that they check it because someone along the line didn’t have running water to their toilets.

In conclusion, this is an anti-fire, pro-water household.


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