A Bad Day

Today was a bad day.  Nothing huge, but a bad day none the less.  I reached a stress point during work today.  The to do list was a bit daunting, with more on the way.  The number of things left to complete for the adoption are still there.  A co-worker kept telling me that a baby means no time for anything.  Each one was fine, but the weird thing that pushed it over the top was the fact its Steph’s birthday this week.  We’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been unable to find time to get a gift.  I had to just take a moment at work to regroup.  At least I can go home for support.

An hour later, I get an e-mail at work.  Steph is feeling overwhelmed with grad school and the thought of also having to raise a baby.

So, apparently being stressed is contagious.


One response

  1. I hear you. You get so much unsolicited advice, it’s not even funny. My least favorite one is, when their children are going crazy-like, they turn to me and say, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” *sigh* I know I’m not ready for this…I could I possibly be ready for this!? There’s no way to mentally prepare myself for this. But, I’ve made the decision, and I’m not going back. (I guess that was unsolicited advice disguised as an anecdote…I suck at this game.)

    I love you guys. ❤

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