The Homestudy…

Okay, so some of you might be wondering what it takes to become an adoptive parent. Personally, I think we would be a lot better off in this world if every parent had to do this. Anyone can birth a baby, but here’s the list of stuff you have to do to adopt…

Financial statement
Medical statement (physical)
Copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
Copy of divorce decrees (if applicable)
Psychiatric or Psychological reports if treatment was every sought
State Criminal Background Check
FBI Report
Central Registry Report
Crime reports (you saying you haven’t committed any crimes keeping you from adopting)
Home Safety Audit (where they check everything including if your toilets flush)
Fire Inspection by the Fire Marshall
Well water test (if you have a well)
Proof of Car Insurance
Social Security Numbers
Copy of Drivers Licenses
Child Checklist (4 page checklist of child attributes that you will and won’t accept)
Release of Information (if you want to transfer to another agency)
4 Reference letters
2 Different and Current Pictures
36 Hours of Preservice Training Classes through the state (really for foster parents)
Training Log (reading and class time)
Assessment Narrative (answering very personal questions about your life and upbringing, each of ours was about 12 pages of written text)
Profile Book (12-26 page book of pictures and text to give to potential birthparents so they can know if you are a good match)
One Page Profile (one page to see if birthparents are interested enough to see your Profile Book)

If after reading this you ask…why in God’s name do you want to do this?  Well, in short, because I want to be a mom.


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