The Neighbors

We feel that we’ve been pretty open through this blog about our adoption. We’ve posted updates, thoughts, facts, etc., which has been incredibly helpful in our own process. There is a group of people that do not know anything about our plans. They are our neighbors.

We live in a nice neighborhood. People are generally pleasant, and will say hi when walking by. There isn’t much conversation beyond that though.

Everyone minds their own business. So none of our neighbors are in on the news. Its hadn’t been a problem, that is until the box.

The box was what the stroller we purchased came in. It’s no different than any other cardboard box you run across, except for the baggage that it carries with it. If you’re reading this, you knew that we were pursuing adoption before you had the chance to assume it was something else. Not so with the neighbors. They see a stroller box with the recycling, and they make assumptions.

Is that bad? Well, what we’re trying to avoid is hearing the worst four words you can say. “When are you due?” At least if you say expecting, we can answer that we’re not sure when our adoption is expected to finish. If you say due, then you wonder if you look that way.

Call us crazy, but we took action. The box was turned inside out before we put it on the curb. Crisis adverted.


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