And they’re off!

Our profile books are printed, bound, signed and sealed. Steph dropped them off at the agency and mailed the rest to the appropriate social workers. What does this mean? That means we are now on call. It is a little like that last month of pregnancy where it could happen at anytime, or it can drag on for a while. We just don’t know. We’ll keep you posted on the blog and our facebook updates.

Getting the profile books printed was not fun. We spent a lot of time selecting pictures, writing information about us and our hopes and dreams, and editing them often. We’ve shown it to a few friends as a spot check, which came out good. Friends from one of our classes had a problem with one of their pictures in their book. He was telling a friend that he was number one (with the wrong finger), if you know what I mean. She had to go through all her books and rip out that page.

All of that was fine, but printing is expensive. If you’ve made a color copy lately, you know what I mean. Our book was 20 pages long. We had to make 25 copies of the book. Color copies are nearly 70 cents apiece through the Fed Ex Store. 20 x 25 x .70 = $350!! Plus, it needed binding and a clear cover and a back cover. If you’re a Tea Partier, advert your eyes. Thank God for the adoption tax credit.

When we prepared our Omaha home for sale before moving here to Dayton, we spent a good amount of time staging the house. We removed the clutter, depersonalized the pictures, rearranged furniture, etc. We rented a Pod and moved out the clutter. We technically had two viewings, although the first couple didn’t like the front yard and didn’t go in. The first couple that saw the house loved it and put in an offer.

Maybe it was the work we put in helped, but the things they told the realtor was that they loved the location and the freezer we had in the basement. We almost felt a little cheated that we put in all that work, and only one walkthrough got to see it, and it may not have mattered. I joked(?) yesterday that I would be upset that if the first person who looked at our profile book selected us, that we printed the other 24 books. Of course, that is all really silly. We sold our house within a week in a weak market, and if we are chosen quickly, what’s wrong with that?

Nothing. But still…


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