Mirror Mirror

I forgot in my previous post on the registry about another annoyance. Let me give you a little background. It is now recommended that the baby car seat face backwards when in the car. This is because in the event of a head on crash, the baby is pushed into the seat as opposed to out. They do not have the muscles to support that head. In light of this, many parents put mirrors on the seat behind them so the parents can see the baby regardless of the rear facing position.

This should be so simple. You have a mirror, and something to secure it to the seat (I assume some sort of Velcro/snap straps). Can you find this at R’ Us? Not exactly. They had 4 mirror options, all with differing combinations of music, danglies, size and theme, which may or may not cover part of the mirror.

Does every toy/product that is for baby have to have a button? Do they all have to be themed? Does the baby care if the snot sucker(ok, I haven’t learned all the names of stuff yet.  Steph informs me it is a nasal aspirator.) is plain or in the shape of a hippo? Does everything have to play music? Can’t a teddy bear just be a teddy bear?

There was a point where Steph looked and me and asked if we had registered for too many musical toys. I said no, I mean considering she is a music teacher, it’s to be expected. The other reason is that if you excluded the “musical” toys, you’re not left with much.

I remember the 90’s. (So long ago. “Smells like Teen Spirit” is 20 years old! I digress…) One of the big trends was to add a clock to everything. Your radio is now a clock radio. The oven has the time, etc. Just think of all the clocks you have to fix when the power goes out.

So, why sell a $10 mirror when you can sell a $20 mirror with music and a jungle theme? Argh!

We did find a plain ol mirror a Target. Well, it’s plain, but it’s also Eddie Bauer (I used to think of Eddie Bauer as a fancier brand, i.e. pay more for the product, but sounding a little braggy, “It’s the Eddie Bauer edition”. Is this true anymore?).

Perhaps I’m looking at this all wrong. I guess I just need to patent one…announcing the latest and greatest car seat mirror, now with a clock!

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