Formulaic Response

The sit-ins at malls and other establishments. The campaign against Facebook for declaring the pictures indecent. The backlash against any and all commentators that do not appreciate it. The return to the breast movement is very strong right now, and with good reason. There’s the medical side of it, the bonding, etc. I don’t have to explain the benefits, they are out there. I also don’t want to, because it’s not what we are going to do.

Formula can almost seem like a dirty word in some circles. Tina Fey in her book “Bossypants” (recommended) spends a chapter talking about feeding her child and the outside forces that pressed against her. The arguments against formula include that you’re being selfish, the child will not be able to fight off disease as effectively, and it’s not natural. So, we’ve doomed our child to poor health and unnatural existence. You know how bad I feel about using formula?

Not at all.

You know what, formula is actually a blessing for us. We can split nighttime feedings. I actually get to feed them. The more chances for me to bond with them as a baby, the better.

Formula gets a bad rap, but it’s amazing when you think about it. Back to Tina, she successfully breast fed for 72 hours before complications made it difficult. Just think about what would have happened a hundred years ago. You’d either have to get assistance from another mother, or the child would die.

Don’t get me wrong here, formula has its drawbacks. Like cost. (eek!) I never noticed it before, but whenever you get coupons that are for 20% off a product, they always seem to exclude diapers and formula. (arg) We’ve exasperated the situation by try to go organic as well.

With breast milk, you can control the ingredients that go into it (watch what you eat). For formula you’ve got to read the labels. Just because we went organic doesn’t mean that you can skip that step. A main ingredient in Similac’s organic formula is sucrose. A type of sugar that makes the formula as sweet as Country Time Lemonade.  No wonder baby loves it so.

There are other issues. I hear some kinds can be clumpy. There are probably other things as well. While it is possible for an adoptive mother to breastfeed, it is not without it’s own difficulties and controversy.  No matter, I’m still happy with our choice, and look forward to being a part of the process.


One response

  1. “Lactivists” bug me. I happen to be exclusively breastfeeding, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for everyone. It just happens to be the choice that I made. I’m really glad formula is out there because it has helped so many people. Why do people have to be so annoying about someone else’s choices?

    Good luck! 🙂

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