Cell Trouble

During our home study, our social worker mentions that we should mark one of our phone numbers as the primary number for getting in contact with us. After consideration, we came to the conclusion that my cell made the most sense. We’re not always home, not always at work, and I’m the least likely of the two to be in the middle of something (i.e. class) that you can’t excuse yourself for.

Here’s the problem, I don’t bring my phone with me everywhere. I get home, I put it with my keys, wallet, etc., and forget about it until I go somewhere. I don’t typically get many calls or texts, so this has worked so far. If, however, our agency calls it, I want to get that message right away. I need to start carrying it with me all the time.

So I started to carry it with me to more places about a couple of weeks ago. I brought it upstairs to my bedside table, and that morning brought it down with me for breakfast. So far so good. Until…I forgot it when I left for work. Day 1 and I actually had it with me less than normal. Not a rousing start.

Then there’s these questions: Do I take it in the restroom? How about when I’m showering? Won’t the steam be bad for the phone? What happens if I get the call during church? Do I excuse myself? Do I really want to be one of “those” people?

I made a decision a while ago to not carry my phone on my belt. Not sure the reason, but I’m sure it was superfluous. It was fine back in my carpenter pants phase. It seems all pants had pockets on the side of the leg. Not so much anymore. Now it gets put in the front pocket with the hope I don’t pocket dial somebody. Maybe it’s time to reconsider the belt holder. Or, I could be like my neighbor with it attached to my hand at all time. I saw her mowing the yard the other day, texting in one hand, pushing the mower with the other…impressive!  The only multitasking I can do anymore is driving and changing the radio station. Let’s hope I can at least keep track of my phone.


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