The Real Number

We have a countdown (wait, countup) on the side of our blog’s home page. It shows the number of days that we’ve been waiting. It’s the number of days since we found out that we turned in our profile books for adoption, and represents the number of days in which we potentially could have brought home a child.

As that number reaches a month, it’s important to remember that while it says it has been a month of waiting, we’ve been waiting longer than that. It just depends on what you define as waiting. Is it from the moment when we started the process by contacting our agency? If so, then we’ve been waiting 4 months. Is it when we both decided that this is what we both wanted to do? Then it has been nearly half a year. Is it when Steph knew that this was the path? Longer ago still. How about from the time we started trying? Years ago.

There was a lovely couple in our training classes that also were going through the same agency as us. They were a bright, nice and engaging couple who we were able to bounce ideas off of, talk about some of the difficulties, and exchange tips, such as which line to call to get through to the fire marshall. Amazing people. They have been trying for 17 years. It puts a little perspective on our wait. I sincerely hope that one of our missed weeks went to them.

So, our wait’s been long, but it has also been short. Besides, the best things in life come to those who wait. As the Vikings fan inside me says “next year we’ll win the Super Bowl”, maybe next week will be our week. (Scratch that. Steph does not want me comparing our wait for a child to something that will only happen on my Xbox.)


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