Not our time

I’m at a loss. I’m not sure what happened. This was our weekend, but the call never came. I must be reading the tea leaves wrong.

A little background. A while ago we agreed to watch the kids of some friends of ours this past Saturday night. In between the time we made the arrangement and Saturday, a number of events sprung up that could have possible pulled us out of town. We decided to do none of them. I mean, it was a sign from God with all these tempting events that would pull us out of town were turned down, like we needed to stay close for a reason.

Here’s the list of events :

Hall of Fame in Canton: One of my must do’s in Ohio, with the inductions this weekend what a perfect time to go.

Tiger in Akron : His return to golf, the closest he and all the other golfers (Phil, Rory, and, uh, the others) would ever get to us

Journey in Columbus : That would have been fun

The National in Chicago : The once a year show for sports collectables. I can go when it’s in Cleveland (in ’14, doh!).

Paul McCartney in Cincy : Although, to be truthful, we decided against that because we’d seen him already (awesome, by the way), and thought we shouldn’t be filling up all our weekends

20th Anniversary weekend in Minneapolis : I could write a giant blog post about what the 1991 Twins World Series team meant to me, and the awesomeness of this bobblehead, but this event probably wouldn’t have fit in the schedule anyway. But still, it also happened this weekend.

So, you can see that this weekend was some sort of nexus, all these cool events, babysitting, our count up reaching a month, yet no call came.

Last week Steph had a feeling that it was the day. That day passed. I didn’t have a feeling, but saw that everything lined up right. The weekend passed. I guess it’s not going to happen when we feel it’s right, only when it’s the right time.


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  1. First of all, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog.

    This post made me so sad. I cannot imagine how crappy the waiting part of “hurry up and wait” must be. If you believe in signs, then maybe something would have happened if you’d have left and so it was good that you stayed… you just can’t see it that way because it’s sort of anti-something happening (if that makes sense.)

    I was just talking to my mother today about how I don’t believe everything is pre-planned, because in many ways we do choose our own paths and our own destiny, but I really do believe there are a few special things that were written before we made it here…. whether it’s certain people or events or places that were just “meant” to be a part of our story.

    There is a child that is written into your story, a specific person, a one-of-a-kind soul, and although you’re not yet to that chapter you’re so close. Maybe your child hasn’t been born yet and needs a little while longer to bake to make sure he or she is a healthy 7.5 pounds upon arrival into the world! 🙂

    Try not to hurry too much past the pages that you’re on just to get to that one, because there’s no going back and rereading what you skim over. Enjoy the one-on-one with your husband because that’s a chapter that’s ending.

    I can’t wait to read the post stating that you finally got THE call. And I’m sorry that it hasn’t happened yet. Like I said, we’re not even close to being there yet and it literally makes my gut hurt already to imagine what that waiting must be like.

    Sorry for rambling… I just really can feel the disappointment you experienced this past weekend. {hugs}

    Jackie @

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