Looking Into the Crystal Ball

Since my last prediction of the “right” time for the call has come and passed, it’s time to look into the crystal ball to see which future events will foretell the coming of the call.

Note : My eye into the future is not that good, evidenced by my lack of a gold stockpile and continued hope that the Vikings will be champs someday.

Here’s a list of potential dates that will surely come and pass without a call (since just predicting they might be the day seems to automatically disqualify them), but are fun to think about:

August 21st – Steph’s employer may not appreciate this one, but she would enjoy not having to explain to each class that it hasn’t happened yet. This would be the day before her first classes with students.

August 24th – The day of my work’s fantasy football draft. While my #1 most anticipated event coming up is our impending adoption, the fantasy draft comes in second, so it makes sense the universe would collide the two. I imagine myself explaining my draft strategy to someone, only to log on later and find my team “blessed” with Brett Favre (he’s due for another unretirement)

August 26th – The opposite of the 21st, Steph would have just finished explaining to each class that our adoption hadn’t happened yet…only to have it happen.

August 29th – Our families have a number of same birthdays, most notably my father’s birthday and Steph’s mother’s birthday are the same, and my birthday is the same as Steph’s brother. August 29th already has two immediate family birthdays, my brother and Quinton. Why not add one more?

September 2nd – The Friday before a three day weekend. That would be nice. Although it is also the day of Steph’s Masters Degree Candidacy Exam.

September 23rd – The first day of Autumn, the first day of our new family???

October 24th – The date predicted by a co-worker about a month ago. Could he see the future?

November 19th – National Adoption Day.

The important things to remember are that we can’t predict, it’ll happen when it happens, and not to get fixated on what works the best. The last time I thought it would happen, and it didn’t, I actually got pretty down about it. I think I know better now than to get my hopes up on nothing more than date symmetry. I do realize it’s probably going to happen on a mid-afternoon on some random Tuesday. No matter when though, it will be the perfect time.

One response

  1. Focus on that last sentence, and you’ll be fine. 🙂 Anya decided to show up late and now the few weeks before she got here seem silly to me. We were so impatient to meet her. My brother (math-boy) had mentioned a bunch of dates that would be good mathematically…now I’m not sure if he even mentioned her birthday. Anyway, enjoy the anticipation. 🙂

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