The Waiting Symptoms

Do you ever watch the morning news and see a news segment about a disease or syndrome? They start to list off all the symptoms of the disease. You start checking them off in your head and start to think that your body might be affected. Then you realize that each of the symptoms you’ve checked off are practically common in EVERY disease. Why yes, I’ve put on weight in the last year, feel fatigued, have periods of feeling hot, occasionally have trouble sleeping at night, and I can be moody. Those are the symptoms of life. So as I list out the symptoms of our adoption wait, I’ll try to avoid the cliché symptoms (yes, its tiring, but what isn’t).

The Phantom Vibrating Leg – Since my cell is the primary phone number for receiving “the call”, I’m sensitive to it, and I’m constantly monitoring it for vibrations, especially when in a loud room. I’ve now developed a phantom vibration in my leg.  I feel like my phone is vibrating, but it’s not. Sometimes I will even feel it when my phone is sitting on my desk, nowhere close to my pocket.

Temporary Paralysis – Occurs every time the phone rings, and lasts the until the caller id pops up. This symptom usually leads to…

Irrational Ire – National Parks Conservation Association! Why are you hogging our phone line?! Don’t you know we’re expecting a call at anytime?!

OCD – Must check phone when someone else’s rings. Must sit in an aisle seat. Must get baby item just in case.

Inability to tell time – If you bumped into me and asked me how long we’ve had our stuff submitted and have been waiting, I would tell you 3 months at least. Only to check the website and see that it’s only been a month and a half. Really?

Catastrophic Thinking (AKA “What if…?”) – What if the agency lost all of our profile books? What if all the profile books we sent through the mail are still in limbo somewhere?  What if they found out something about us and won’t show our books to anyone? What if we accidentally said something offensive in our book and no one picks us? What if our book always ends up on the bottom of the pile and they never even get to ours? I could go on and on.

If you have any of these symptoms, you could be in the waiting phase of adoption! …..or, you might just be normal 🙂


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