All Quiet on the Adoption Front

We are approaching the end of our second month, and it’s all quiet on the adoption front. In this case, no news is not good news. No phone calls, no nibbles. Just another week passing that wasn’t ours.

We’re tempted to ping our agency. We pride ourselves in not being the overly involved clients, constantly asking questions, etc., but maybe just a note to let them know that we still care, we still exist, please acknowledge that you still know this!

As previously noted about my lack of phone skills, an email shall suffice. Besides, a phone call implies the desire for instant gratification of our wants, where an e-mail says, “Hey, when things aren’t too busy, hit reply and let us know what’s what”.

The e-mail is difficult to write.

Dear Agency,

Remember our profile books? We just wanted to make sure that you got them, and that you didn’t lose them, even though we hand delivered them on your desk. Could you check with the 7 social workers that we sent books to, just to make sure that 7 separate accidents didn’t befall them, causing them to lose or not receive the books? We’ve been told that we are pretty awesome, that it is nearly impossible not to select us after viewing our book, and it seems that the only logical thing here is that our books have not been seen. Otherwise, someone would have definitely selected ours.


The Perfect Parents

That would be a horrible e-mail to send, right? We’ll, here’s what I really came up with, but if I squint, I can see the e-mail above:

Dear Agency,

It has been a couple of months, and we’re just checking in to see if you need anything from us. Have you had a chance to show our book yet? If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.


Scott and Steph

Here’s the fun part, if we sent the second e-mail off, there’s a 50% chance we get a reply that says “Nope”. As in, one word, “Nope”. We’d read that, and think, “Did they mean nope, we don’t need anything? Nope, we haven’t shown anything? I need more clarity!”

We know that our agent is very busy, and has numerous birth mothers to attend to. Responses tend to be short and to the point. That’s ok. We just have to decide if sending the e-mail, worrying about tone and being bothersome, is worth it all to know nearly as much as we do now.


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