Interview with the writer

Welcome to the first interview on this blog. Today we’ll be interviewing….me!

S Klein : Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

Me : No problem.

SK : So, run out of ideas for the blog already?

Me : Hey! I’ve got plenty of ideas. Like… well….

SK : Moving on. How’s life? Does the wait change your daily routine?

Me : I check my phone obsessively now, where before I would lay it down when I got home from work and check it the next morning. Really though, the routines are the same, just the thinking is different.

SK : The thinking?

Me : Yeah. You think about scheduling things in the future, how hard it would be to cancel if the adoption happened, or thinking that this may be the last time I get to do this without kids.

SK : Are you concerned about the tax credit possibly going away next year?

Me : Of course. You’d think that a tax credit that helps parents provide homes to children would be a no brainer, but with this congress, who knows. I didn’t worry about it a month ago, but back then I felt we were days away from adopting.

SK : Have you considered writing a book to help with the costs?

Me : I’m almost ashamed to say I have. We could start with the posts and go from there. However, it wouldn’t work, and I really don’t want it to work.

SK : Why?

Me : Well, for it to work it would have to be a better story than “everything went well and things are awesome”. Nobody would read that book. The book they would buy is the one with the tragic story that led to the happy ending. I’d rather skip the tragic part. Therefore, no book.

SK : Any thoughts on when you think the adoption will take place?

Me : I consulted my home oracle, the basement basketball hoop. It successfully predicted that UNI would beat Kansas, so I’m sure that it could predict when we’ll bring our baby home. First, you ask it a question, then shoot. If you make it, the answer is yes, if you miss it, no. Will we have our baby by the end of August, miss. By the end of September, miss. By the end of October, made it! So, October sometime.

SK : Sounds foolproof. So until then, is it business as usual?

Me : I guess. Have you heard the song Pumped up Kicks? I compare this waiting period to that song. Every time it comes on the radio I’m initially excited, it’s a catchy tune, but super repetitive. I stare at it in my iTunes wish list, but don’t purchase it because I know after a week I’m going to be sick of the repetiveness. This waiting can get repetitive, but I’ll keep changing the tune to keep it fresh.

SK : Any potential problems you can think of?

Me : My company is changing health care providers for next year. This sent me into a mad dash to figure out if our doctor/dentist/potential pediatrician is covered by the new provider. Doctor and pediatricians are covered, the dentist is iffy. Come to think of it, when I called the pediatrician, they never asked about insurance. Maybe I should call again when they are not in a hurry to get me off the phone.

SK : Well thanks for your time.

Me : You’re welcome.


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