Relax (and Panic!)

As fall approaches, we thought it sounded like a good time to plan a little weekend retreat.  After all, our summer was spent in class, working, or getting everything in line for the homestudy.  After getting approved and sending out our profile books, we thought it was only a matter of time (like a few weeks…how wrong we were) before our lives were turned upside down with a baby in our arms.  Now that we have settled in to the inevitable waiting period, school is back in session, and things seem fairly normal (other than that nursery staring me in the face every time I go upstairs), we feel we need a bit of a break to recharge.

Scott wanted to head to Cleveland to see the Twins play the Indians, then we realized that the Twins have been performing so poorly that we probably won’t even get to see the usual starting players.  (If your starting lineup contains the names Plouffe and Dinkelman, you’ve had a bad season.)  Do we really want to see them lose anyway?!  So, where should we go?  The answer came as I was looking at Facebook and one of my friend’s old pictures popped up and I thought, ” Oooh!  That place looks pretty, where is that?”  It turns out to be Hocking Hills, a series of parks in Ohio, with hiking trails, waterfalls, etc.

As I begin to look for cabins, and find a nice one, I read that they recommend bringing a prepaid phone card, as cell service is very hit and miss.  I think, “That’s okay.  We wanted to get away from it all and relax anyway.”  Then it hits me…”what happens if we don’t have a cell signal and we get the call?????”  I quickly pull up a new computer tab and look up the Verizon coverage map…just as I feared, a big white splotch on an otherwise red map.  It’s 2011, how do we have areas that aren’t covered!?  There’s no coverage in the parks and surrounding area; the terrain is just too hilly.

We start thinking of options….
– Well, the highways have coverage, we’ll just drive out to the highway every once in a while and check our messages.  But wait, aren’t we supposed to be relaxing?  I don’t want to be driving my whole weekend; I want to be enjoying nature.
-We could leave one of our cell phones here with a friend, then we could use our prepaid phone card to call them a few times a day to check in.  But wait, do we really have friends nice enough to do that? How often would we call?  If we’re out hiking or horseback riding, do we have to go back to our cabin or find a pay phone and call?
-We could just let it go for the weekend.  After all, it hasn’t happened yet, what is the likelihood that it would happen that particular weekend?  Then again, how horrible would we feel if we got back on the highway to head home and our phone pops up with 17 voice mails?!

We’re at a loss of what to do.  We had just decided that we needed to continue to live our lives and not keep ourselves from doing what we wanted just because the call might come.  Apparently, that’s not going to be as easy as I thought. 😦


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  1. Go! you need a break and alot of R&R. Talk to the agency and let them know that you will be heading out for a few nights and see what they recommend. The Hocking Hills are beautiful and there is no cell phone as we go there camping/hiking quite a bit! Relax relax and relax.

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