“And Quinton Will Be a Baby Toy!”

Over the next week or so we will be putting up a ton of posts regarding the last few days. Some happy, some worried, some sad, but all describing the events that led us to being chosen as adoptive parents.

That’s right.


We’re going to be parents!!!!!!!

We met with birth mom AND birth dad today. We left unsure on what would happen, but we received the news later tonight. Steph was so exited she had to call a friend. The conversation from the other end of the phone :

“Steph’s going to be a mommy!”
“Scott’s going to be a daddy!”
then her husband yelled out in the background
“and Quinton’s going to be a baby toy!” (Thanks, Jeff!)

Quinton may not be so thrilled, but he’ll get over it.

I understand this news may be exciting to all our friends and family, and we hope to fill you in on the details as we can. Feel free to ask questions, but please know that things are in flux, we may not know the details, we may be busy with a variety of things, and now we have another family’s privacy to consider, so bear with us.

Since I know EVERYONE will have the same two questions, here’s the answers. Early December and girl. That’s all you get for now. (Yes, I’m withholding details so you keep coming back. I’m worst than Lost!)

This is obviously the happiest post to this point, but I would be remiss if I didn’t temper the mood a bit. There is still no guarantees at this moment, not until 3 days post birth do we get a strong guarantee. However, we are both smiling ear to ear, and we have a good feeling about the parents.

I don’t know if we’ll sleep at all tonight….


3 responses

  1. I’m so happy for you!! I am crossing my fingers and toes for the next few months to go smoothly and easily for you.

    (ha, what am I saying!? LOL)

    Love and hugs from TX.

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