Here’s Some Lotion Dude (The Call Part 4)

Now it’s time to work out logistics. What questions do we ask? What questions don’t we ask? Maybe we should bring a gift for Hope (not her real name)? Wait, birth father is going to be there. We have a gift bag for birth mom, but I’m not sure he’ll be all that excited about it. I mean really, are we going to say “Here’s some lotion, dude.”

Back to square one. A token of appreciation for birth mother and birth father for agreeing to meet us and possibly bless us with a child.

That’s not our only concern. Our agent told us to meet them at the restaurant in two different cities. I heard this, but didn’t process it during the first conversation. Call 1, of I’m sure many to our agent, confirming the location.

We read other posts about “The Meet”. Smile. Ask questions, but not too personal. Your family situation is not better than their’s, only different. Bring pictures to break the ice. Be kind and generous, but don’t be a bragard. Establish what kind of openess they want in the future. Lastly, remember that they are nervous to meet you as well.

When you read this post, we’ll have already had “The Meet”, and I hope it went well. I also hope we found something more suitable for him than lotion.

Note : This post was written on September 13th to be put up at a more appropriate future date.


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