Super Ability

As human beings, we all have this tremendous ability to believe in the dumbest things. There was someone who thought that Playboy Club would work on NBC as opposed to cable, or not at all. There was a person who thought we wouldn’t care about having to go to two websites for Netflix and Quikster. There were those of us who thought that Taylor Hicks was our American Idol. There are thousands of us who think the next group of people we send to Washington will figure it out. Then there are idiots like me who think they have super hero powers.

Your typical super hero usually has a cool power. Superman can fly and see through stuff. Professor Xavier can read minds. Spiderman has his webs and spidey sense. A number of years ago there was a movie called Mystery Men where the heroes all had powers, but oddly specific. Hank Azaria’s character (yeah, I’m not spending the time to Google character names) could throw forks with accuracy, William Macy was good with a shovel, Token could become invisible if no one was looking. My ability was specific like those, and incredibly useless. I could predict the coin flip in Madden on Xbox.

WooHoo!? I remember that I couldn’t lose the flip. It was amazing. I lost the ability once I moved up to the Xbox 360. While it is sad that I lost the ability,  I’ve developed a new super ability. It is an ability that millions of people possess. The ability to slow down time.

On Columbus Day, I rented “The Green Hornet” (here’s my review, meh). In the movie, Kato can slow time down, perceive all the threats, and quickly move to disarm them. Once we found out about our potential adoption on or near Christmas, time has slowed down. It feels like we posted that news four months ago, but it has been like four weeks. It’s only the 11th of October! Why isn’t it November yet? We haven’t even had our time fall back yet!

During the slow down, the threats are being figured out. Could they change their mind? Is the nursery ready? Do we have supplies? Do we have any idea what we are doing? Some of these we can handle, but others you just have to wait out.

Of course, like any super ability, there usually is something that can take away the power. The kryptonite for slowing down time is keeping busy. We’re reorganizing the basement, planting a couple of trees, visiting friends, etc. in hopes that it will speed up time.

Is it at least November yet….?


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