Yea or Nea

The older I get in life, the more I realize that a lot of life is spent in the gray areas. Being a numbers guy, I like things to add up, for equations to be consistent. 1 = 1. Except, they don’t. Sabermetric people (baseball stat nerds) would tell you that the Philadelphia Phillies were the best team in baseball this year, but they lost in the first round. The Chicago Cubs, one of thirty teams in MLB, should win the World Series once every 30 years, but haven’t for 102 years. Heck, they should at least make the series once every 16 years, but it has been 66 years.

With our adoption, we spend a lot of time in the gray, dealing not with what’s right, or what’s wrong, but what’s acceptable. We get that, and can live with that. We do, however, have one giant black and white situation coming. There’s only two options :

This is the best Christmas ever!

This is the worst Christmas ever!

This is just another side effect of the Christmas birthday. It will be one of those two options, and will be perpetual. Every Christmas a reminder of what could have been, or a reminder of the blessing we received.

I have a test for you. It’s one question, and it will determine if you’re an optimist or a pessimist (or not, it’s not scientific).

Do we buy this year’s Baby’s First Christmas Hallmark ornament?

Throw out the reason that the baby could come late. The Christmas season lasts past the 25th, and besides, a baby in womb is just as cognizant of Christmas as a days old baby. Throw out the reason that Hallmark ornaments are overpriced, we don’t care. The question is really, do we invest our hearts and minds (and cash) into a probably will happen?

I fall into the glass half full side. I assume that things will work out, we should get the ornament, we should have the shower before, etc. Why are we any different than our pregnant peers?

And yet..

I wouldn’t have started a blog if it weren’t for the adoption, and I reference her as “the baby” as opposed to “our child”. I have slinked back into that gray area. Part optimist, part pessimist.

The gray area answer to the question is buy the ornament…but save the receipt. That’s probably the worst answer of them all though. Think about it. What are the saddest things you’ve seen in the world? The for sale ad for a wedding gown, never used. The picture of the mother duck who led her ducklings over the sewer grate, only to turn around and see that they fell through the cracks (don’t worry, they were rescued). Add to that list the return of the 1st Christmas Ornament. I’ll pass.

So, you’ll understand why I keep a positive attitude, and assume the best will happen. I’ve been designed to withstand it all, and remain optimist. Hey, the Vikings have existed for 52 years, and have no Super Bowl wins. They are 1 of 32 teams, so they have a 3% chance every year, with absolutely no track record of winning, and I still think that next year is the year. Of course I’m going to believe that we will have a baby (ahem), our child this Christmas.


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