Trial Run: 9 Month Old

Before I get into the post, did anyone else have trouble with saying age in months? Obviously this makes sense, as a two month old is significantly different than a 9 month old, but that’s not really what I mean. I keep accidentally saying “He’s a 9 month year old”. What does that even mean? He’s a year old, if a year was 9 months. I guess that makes me a 43 nine month year old. Hmm. I mean I’m a 26 fifteen month year old. That’s better. See, you can stay under 30 forever, if you just change what a year is.


Over the weekend, we babysat our friend’s nine month old boy. I considered it a trial run for our house set up. Granted, we’ll be bringing home an infant as opposed to a mobile child, but it gives us some time to fix some issues.

Car Seat Base : Pass – Steph installed it before we went over, and it did its job.

Scott Putting Car Seat Into Base : Needs Work – I place it down, but no click. Had to raise the back higher. Our friend has it down pat now, just drops it in place, so I suppose it just takes practice.

Pulling Car Seat out : Pass – Just pull the red lever and lift. The CR-V was perfectly set up for me to reach in and pull out. Not sure if Steph will agree, since she is shorter.

Transporting Car Seat from Car to House : Fail – As you can see in the picture, we have very little space to squeeze through with that yard waste container in the way. Need to figure that out.

Quinton : Needs Work – Super exited/nervous with the new person, licky and barky. Not aggressive, just curious.

Wobbly End Table with Glass displays : Fail – Yeah, should have seen that one coming.

Cardboard Boxes with Movies : Cute – He just wanted to watch Up!

Dog Toys and Dog Stairs : Incomplete – Not sure how this will work. How does everyone else handle the dog toys vs. baby toys? In case you’re curious, the reason we have dog stairs is that our little guy has had back issues in the past, so the stairs ease the stress on his back.

Dog Food : Needs work – We need a gate with a doggie door. When the baby crawled past Quinton’s food dish, he dashed to it and started gorging on the food. Apparently he was afraid that someone else might eat his food.

Shiny Garbage Can : Super Awesome! – I can see myself in it! (If you look closely, you’ll see Quinton on the left side, wondering why on earth I’m taking a picture of the garbage can.)

Tipsy Wine Rack (teehee, tipsy. I guess it’s had too much wine.) : ? – Should be fine once the gate goes up.

Energy Level : Needs Work – A little too much time and effort spent moving him away from tipsy things and keeping Quinton placated. We should be able to figure it out, just like everyone does.


3 responses

  1. We keep Puppy in the kitchen/back entry so all his toys are back there. We generally don’t have to worry about Little Man getting at Puppy’s toys…but if we bring Puppy out, he goes after everything that isn’t his because, well, he thinks it’s his. Basically, you’re just going to have to pick up everything a lot. It sucks but there it is.

    Just keep in mind that you’re not bring home a 9 month old so you’ll have time to gradually fix these “problems.”

  2. To be totally honest with both my girls they played with the dogs toys, it gave him the chance to get there sent and realize that they just wanted to play. Also before we brought the girls home we took a blanket, that belonged to the dog, and swaddled the girls in it. Don’t keep the dog away from baby, he will become aggressive then, just keep a close eye. Jackson is very protective of his girls, but he never went after them even when they poked him in the eye, pulled his ears, pulled his hair etc. If you have the room set up and ready for baby, let you pup go in don’t close him out. It sounds silly, but he is your first “child”.

    With the wobbly stuff and or breakables, we just kept most things how they were. If the girls got too close we would tell them no, but sometimes it takes things “scaring” them to keep them away.

  3. Re: the car seat, once our kiddo got to about six months, we didn’t even bother bringing it in the house anymore. They get heavy!!

    Dog food… you’ll have a few dog food eating incidents. Our kiddo has eaten cat food on a handful of occasions. So far, he has survived. At least we get the really healthy cat food 😉

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