The View From Down Here: Baby Boy

Over the weekend, we had visitor to my… er… our house. Mom and Dad got home and let me out. Dad was sitting next to this contraption on the floor, so I immediately ran over to check it out. Sniff, sniff. Wait, there’s someone in there. I could tell that he’d been here before. Mom pulled him out and put him on the floor. I started to investigate further. Lick, lick.

Whoa, this time is different. He’s moving! He just kept moving away from me. I told him I wasn’t ready for that. Bark, bark. Uh-oh, his face started to change. His eyes were getting wet and he was crying. I thought I had better let him know I didn’t like that. Bark, bark. Oops, now that made him scream!

Mom reassured him, Dad reassured me. Okay, we’re back to normal. Then he crawled to the garage door! Doesn’t he know that he can’t go out there! I decided to let him know. Bark, bark! Hmm, same face change.

After a while of exploring the loving room he crawled to the kitchen. Wait, my food is in there! He’s not supposed to eat chow. I rushed to go eat it all before he got to it. Gorge, gorge. Mom and Dad laughed at me for this.  Don’t they know that I was just try to help?

When it was time for his dinner, Mom started shaking his milk. I guess he likes his milk shaken, not stirred. They adjourned to the couch to drink. I assumed my normal food position, right next to them, staring, just so they remembered to give me some. Mom wiped some of the milk off his face. Hey, I can be help, I’ll take care of the extra milk, I’ll just lick it up myself. Lick, lick.

Something else was weird. The tv wasn’t on. I knew it was a football day, because Dad’s face was excited, and Mom’s face looked like she was going to the vet. Plus, it was also weird that they followed him around wherever he went. What, is he royalty? Plus, he can’t even walk yet, and they are super excited when he stands. Pfft. I can walk. I can run. Where’s my kudos? Don’t they know that I’m king here!

Just when I was starting to get used to him, Mom went to the front door and let in two other people. More intruders! I know them, but I decided to bark at them anyway. Bark, bark. They walked right past me and ran over to the little guy. Whoa, back off! He can’t even walk yet! Dad assured me that it was okay, because they are his Mom and Dad. Ok, but I kept a suspicious eye on them.

Now that it’s a few days later, the smell of him is gone, but I think it made Dad a little crazy. He’s taken pictures of two food containers, or as they call them, garbage cans. This whole baby thing is making them squirrely.

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