Something New

This weekend I did two things that I had never done before. I went to an ultrasound, and ordered McNuggets through someone’s rear. Okay, I should explain. They had a worker who had removed a promotional sign from the drive up speaker and was scrapping off the leftover tape residue when we pulled up. Rather than move, he stayed standing in front of the speaker. So, when I was asked what I wanted to order, I looked at his butt and ordered my McNuggets. <sarcasm> Not awkward at all. <sarcasm>

Who would have thought the trip to McDonalds would be more awkward than a trip to the hospital for an ultrasound? Steph had the pleasure of going to the first one. I was jealous, and when the birth mother found out, she was more than willing to let me tag along this time. I’ll spare the gushing of a soon to be dad seeing our baby move around, because you probably already know how incredibly awesome that is. Just the technology is amazing. We can see distinct features, listen to a heartbeat, estimate height/weight, etc. The whole thing was incredible, but it was just a little bit unsatisfactory.

It’s like our community orchestra. Steph is a member, and they play a few concerts a year. I always go to support. The music is good, but I always leave a little unsatisfied. I played cello for 9 years, so I can appreciate the music. As a listener, you need to be challenged to expand your horizons, but in the same token, nothing satisfies quite as much as hearing a familiar piece played (“Hey, that’s the “Beef, it’s what’s for dinner” song!”).

The ultrasound is similar. Yes, it’s all amazing, the heart, the foot, the upper arm bone, but at the end of the day, we all want to see the face, and at this appointment, we didn’t get the face very well. She was all curled up, not yet ready for this cool Ohio weather. Oh well, we’ll have plenty of years to see her beautiful face.

Ok, one gushing story. Our birth mother’s daughter was at the appointment as well. At some point during the appointment, Steph asked for a high five from her, and we got this picture from the ultrasound:

Pretty awesome.


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