November is National Adoption Month

Better late than never, I’d be remiss not to mention that November is National Adoption Month. What does this mean for you? I don’t think you’re expected to go out and make an adoption, although I’m sure your local animal shelter would be happy to accommodate.

I have three suggestions of something you can do. First, we received a nice comment on a previous blog post linking to the Chicago Now website, which has a different post for each day of the month. You can go there and read posts from all points of view in the adoption process: birth parent, adoptive parent, adopted child, etc. You can even read the one where the child learned of their adopted past through Facebook.

Second, you can pray for us, the potential birthparents, and our soon to be baby girl. Prayer is very much appreciated. Actually, let’s not stop there. There are so many more that are involved in the process, including our doctors, our social worker, our agency, our birth family’s doctors, our fire marshal, our training class teachers, our family, our friends, our dog (our ever comforter), etc., etc. Sometimes it takes a village to make a family.

Third, I suggest you go and hug an adoptive parent or birth parent you know. I’m not much of a hugger, but there have definitely been days where one would have been nice.

So there you go: Read, Pray, Hug. Hey, that’s not a bad book title! (Much better than my previously incorrectly spelled Red, Prey, Hug)


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