Either my hearing is getting better (not likely), this generation of teenagers are more articulate (less likely), or speaker technology has improved vastly (bingo!), but I don’t have trouble hearing at the drive thru anymore. Well, that’s not completely correct. The other day I had a hard time hearing when there was a diesel truck chugging behind me. He had to turn the truck off when he ordered. Anyway, I guess this means the era of muffled communication is over!

Not exactly.

We are starting the day care search. There are three that are a short distance from us, and one of them has an on-line form to set up an appointment to view the facility. We check the “Evening is the best time to contact us” box, and submit. Two days later, we come home from work and there is a message on the machine, the call came in at 10 am (definitely not evening). “Hi this is so and so fromthedaycareandwereceived yourformthatyouwanttosetupameetingtime. Westahkmaejkl;aashfosfhsfjafasflsfsa. Youcanreachusat5558675309 tosetupyourappointmentandhaveaniceday. Click”

“What did that say?”

“I have no clue, but now I don’t want to call them back.”

So I figure that one of three things are possible here. 1. They’re full, and hope that poor communication will drive us away. 2. Our caller was having a bad day. 3. They are paid by the call, so it’s in the best interest of the callers to make as many of these calls as possible, so they talk as fast as they can, no time for anything but monotone.

The next day we got another call, different person, different time (1:00, closer to evening I guess), same result. Grr. This leaves us in a pickle. Should we decide that this poor communication is reason enough to cross them off our potential list, we’re left with a problem. It seems like they’ll keep calling and leaving indecipherable* messages. Should they happen to ask one of their kids what evening means, then I’ll be forced to explain that we don’t want to meet because “we didn’t like your answering machine message speed”.

* Six Syllables! Me english good.

Of course, this isn’t a fair evaluation of the facility. It may the best choice. It might be the worst. I’m guessing that Answering Machine Messages doesn’t fall somewhere between Number of Sharp Objects and Recommendation From a Friend in the list of “Things to Look For When Choosing a Day Care** Facility”. So, it may be worthwhile to still set up the appointment. Is nothing easy in the baby process?!

** I’ve been told that some people don’t like the term day care, as it’s not the day that they care for. I think it’s easier to say than “Place Where Kids Go To Catch And Bring Home Colds”.


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