How we (almost) became parents on Friday

Steph and our birthmother went to the doctor on Thursday for a routine check-up. I receive this text :

“Will call you in a little bit, they’re admitting her for tests.”

Yikes! What does that mean? Well, it turns out that due to elevated blood pressure and protein in her urine, she was being admitted for 24 hours of monitoring. They were concerned about Pre-In Clamps Sha (Preeclampsia for those of you who know better). Since we’re adopting, I had not spent much time researching pregnancy related issues, so I didn’t know what that meant. A quick Google search (with Google auto-correcting my spelling errors), revealed the issue and what to expect. It doesn’t seem to harm the baby, but can harm the birth mother, even lead to death. If she continued to have high blood pressure, they’d be inducing the next day! Am I ready for this?

We go to the hospital Thursday night, and after the 30 minutes(!) of questions, the nurse takes her blood pressure. Normal. Whew. We stay for a while before coming home. The next morning she has an ultrasound, and everything is fine. Steph goes back after work, and they are told they might get to leave early, but then find out the doctor wants the full 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hours, Steph and her wait for the results and…everything is fine.

This experience was helpful in pointing out the things we need to finish, such as packing a bag, etc. We also learned, via the ultrasound, that she is now six pounds, twelve ounces. We do not think she’ll make it to Christmas. I’ve heard everything from a half pound to a full pound a week at this point. That means that on the 9th she’ll be between 7 lbs 4ozs to 7 lbs 12ozs, on the 16th she’ll be 7 lbs 12ozs to 8 lbs 12ozs, and on the 23rd she’d be between 8 lbs 4ozs and 9 lbs 12ozs! Her first born was around 7.5, so who knows!?


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  1. Just so you know, Baby will lose a little weight right after birth, and those ultrasounds are not always so accurate! My little guy was born December 16 of last year. Get lots of sleep because you’re going to need it precisely when you aren’t going to be able to get it! Congratulations guys!

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