The New Checklist

This past summer I wrote a list of things that needed to be completed before we received “The Call”. It was a fun, irreverent list that probably had no bearing on the coming events, but gave us a sense of control. We can’t make the baby decide that today’s the day, but we can make sure the car seat is installed. Some items on this list are fully in our control, some are not. Without further ado, here’s the list of things that (may) need to be completed for the baby to come.

Install car seat bases in cars : Done….ish. Bases are in, but the mirror is not. On a side note, I may have made the joke too often where I look back at the empty base and declare “Oh no, we forgot the baby!” Reports are that if the joke is made one more time, this may be my last post.

Pack baby bag : Check. All the things a baby needs. Clothes, diapers, cream, etc.

Pack bag for us : Check. All the things a hospital bound parent needs. Clothes, camera, uno cards, etc. Our kitchen table has looked like it’s ready to leave for a week or so now.

Remove the football distraction : In progress. The Vikings bowed out early, so they are no longer a Sunday distraction. UNI lost in the quarters of their playoff, so they’re out. The Hawkeyes have their bowl game on Dec 30th at 10pm(!?), so that may (will) be DVR’d. I have 12 fantasy football teams, but only really care about two. My work one eliminated me last week on a broken ankle, but still am alive in my other league.

Finish Grades : I tried to tell Steph that this year’s saying should be, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a B+,” but she didn’t go for it.

Post Solution to the Puzzle Post : Should post it this week.

Panic! : Check

Relax : Check

Post my love of Christmas letter : To be done this week…ish

Read What to Expect the First Year : Done through 3 months. Forgot most of it too, but that’s ok. It will continue to be a reference.

Charge camera battery : Check

Charge backup battery : Check

Consider buying a backup to the backup, you know, just in case : Not there…yet.

Redefine Pregnancy Brain as New Parent Brain : Check. I’ve forgotten to do my timecard two weeks in a row, and had no clue when the Vikings played on Sunday. Steph tried to microwave something with the freezer.

Eat tons of junk food : Check. In fairness, tis the season.

Yell at Verizon : Kind of…see we’ve almost reached our text limits and there is still 6 days left this billing period. A move to the next level is $45! Yikes! Shouldn’t Verizon have an expectant parent exception? I think the plan we have now is the way too many minutes and far too few texts plan. We yelled at their website, but it just shrugged and offered a more expensive plan with 3x the unused minutes! What a deal!

Wait for snow : Not happening.

Watch Kung Fu Panda 2 and be pleasantly surprised with a pro-adoption story : Check!

Complete and post another inane list of things as filler before all the awesome baby coming home posts : Check


2 responses

  1. I feel the need to make a “Avid Reader of Kleinadoption Blog” checklist now:

    Turn on my VPN so I can actually leave you a comment: check (at least this time, recently I’ve just kept my comments to myself rather than taking that step)

    Recommend that you DON’T post a full solution to the puzzle one: check as of this moment (I think you just give a hint along the lines of ‘look up what anagram means, then read the content and figure it out!’ but then again, I already knew the answer. Maybe I’d still be stumped otherwise.)

    Watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with my students and use it to teach the word ‘adoption’ in English: check (last June!)

    Recommend you switch to someone beside Verizon: check as of this moment (although I yelled at Sprint a few times over the years I had them and Verizon served me pretty well this last summer….maybe I change that recommendation, but that sure sounds ridiculous!)

    Buy a back-up back-up battery: Not there yet either. I keep meaning to do the same thing, but as you say, “not there….yet”

    Get my parents from the airport so they can be with me whenever we hear your baby news: will be a check in 8 hours (and counting)

    : )

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