Coming Soon : Posts

I haven’t forgotten this blog. I know it’s been a while without a post, but I do plan on putting up our story sometime soon. I’m a little surprised that no one has asked about it yet. Either everyone’s done with this blog, or more likely everyone’s been busy with the holidays. Even more likely, everyone realizes that the first week with a newborn is super busy. The fact that it is so super busy is crazy. They sleep 80% of the time and yet they still steal your every waking (and sleeping) moment. Throw on top of that a visit from the folks, Christmas teardown, belated Christmas cards, and scrounging for food, I’m surprised I found time to update my Facebook picture. (Truth is, I didn’t, thanks Steph!)

I have started to write my posts about everything, but its turning into a book.  So once I squeeze all my thoughts out, I’ll have to split it up into a number of posts. Until then, enjoy some cute Eva pictures!


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