Sunday, Dec 25th : A Moldy Christmas

Now it’s just past midnight and time to put Eva to bed.  We get to sleep in our own bed!! Well, maybe…

We have the nursery all set up, and once she’s changed and rocked to sleep, we place her in the crib and turn on the monitor.  We climb into our bed, and not but a minute later she begins to make little noises.  Now, being veterans of two nights now, we know what noises we can ignore.  Quinton doesn’t.  Each and every noise he shoots out of the covers and is ready to run into the nursery.  Of course, I don’t know what he’s thinking.  Maybe I can help?  Maybe he’s wondering what sort of person we’ve brought into his home who can project their voice from two rooms over. Either way, we’re not going to sleep this way, and we really, REALLY want to sleep.

A compromise, an option that we had discussed is available.  In the nursery, there is a twin bed.  You could say good planning on our part, or I can say I had no idea where we’d move it to, but either way it’s there.  One of us sleeps in the nursery with Eva and we’d switch off in the middle of the night.  This has the benefit of allowing one person to completely relax and sleep, while the other has the half asleep, half awake duty.  This may work for a while, only time will tell.

It’s just one of a million audibles we’ll have to call in the next few days.  The rocker that was passed down to me from my mother slips on the carpet in the nursery, and Steph’s legs are too short for it so we end up feeding on the bed instead.  The number of bottles we have would require 2-3 washings a day.  Eva hates the pacifiers we bought.  She’s small enough for newborn clothes, but we have very few newborn because we were concerned she’d be too large for them. Etc. I’m glad we had things planned out, otherwise it would have been mass chaos, but even the best laid plans go astray when reality hits.

After the 2 am feeding, Eva is wide awake.  I find this adorable, and awesome.  She’s gazing at me in what I call her “Wonderment Phase”, where she just looks around at everything wide-eyed and amazed at all these new things.  My enthusiasm for this will dwindle fast over the next few days, but I’m still googly-eyed now.

That morning, we are downstairs after feeding/changing her when we decided to work on our breakfast.  A trip to the fridge reflects our absence from home in the last few days.  The milk has gone bad.  There are no eggs, no frozen meals, but there is a couple of old doggie bags of leftovers from places I don’t remember going to, as if they’ve happened in a previous lifetime.  The fruit has a beard that competes with my own.  There’s no oatmeal in the cupboard, and the bread is moldy.

The calendar says Merry Christmas, which tells me two things. Moldy bread is not an appropriate breakfast, and there is no place open today to remedy this tragedy.  We do a quick Google search to see if maybe there is something open today.  Burger King and McDonalds MAY be open. It’s apparently up to each store to decide.  Since we live in 2011, there are 3 McDonalds and 2 Burger Kings within 10 minutes of us.  Depending on lights, two of the McDonalds are a minute apart.  I jump in the car and make the loop.  Not open, any of them.  No Christmas breakfast miracle for us.

On the way back, there was a parking lot with cars in it.  Walgreens.  I enter, and head to the food section.  Orange Juice.  Cinnamon Rolls. Powdered donuts.  Coffee.  Breakfast.  I was not the only poor sap there.  I was among four other people who also needed breakfast food.  I ignored the nutritional facts on the back of the packages, no need to bring down the holiday spirit, paid and went home with today’s catch.  So, thank you Walgreens for helping out the new parents who needed a little help.

Now, we did have a ham in the fridge for dinner, but lunch was still an issue. It was Christmas, and even though we had opened our gifts the previous weekend, we did have gifts from Santa to open.  Steph’s mom had sent the gifts that Santa left at their house, and we saved them for Christmas day.  Lo and behold, one of the gifts was a box of Mac & cheese.  Lunch!

The rest of the day was pretty low key.  We watched A Christmas Story, drank hot cocoa, and spent our first Christmas with Eva.  She celebrated the occasion by doing her normal trifecta; eating, sleeping,and filling her diaper.  Here she is in her Christmas outfit, so exciting she can barely keep her eyes open.

We spend the day getting acquainted.  We sing to her, talk to her, and rock her back and forth.  Once, she smiles when I talk to her, which makes me a proud papa.  Three days and she already recognized and is happy I’m there.  Then she lets out some gas and gets a content look.  Ok, so she isn’t happy to see me yet, but I’m still a proud papa.  You show that toot who’s boss!

One other cute thing she does is wake up.  Not the actual waking up, but the 10 minutes of stretching she does during it.  Is this a normal baby thing?  Regardless, it’s super cute.  She’ll do the Heisman, jazz hands, the Statue of Liberty and the woe is me poses during her routine.  What we’ll learn over the next few days is that this is her elaborate way of saying “I’m waking up now, there better be a bottle at the end of this routine or else I’ll let you know how tragic this injustice is”.

Today is Christmas, and oddly it has been the most normal day in a while.  Which is weird because we’ve had breakfast provided by Walgreens, lunch by Santa, and Quinton thinks that Eva is a squeaky toy.  Before today we had Anticipation Day, Birth Day, Getting to Know You Day, and Homecoming Day. Looming over today is the fact that tomorrow is Signing Day.  We may have celebrated Christmas completely different this year, but it was peaceful.  How more appropriate to celebrate the birth of Jesus than to enjoy peace.


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