The Numbers

Remember the show Lost? One of the recurring stories was the numbers that continued to pop up. For years people tried to decipher what they meant, their power, etc. In the end, the explanation was disappointing. In fact, I had forgotten what they were and had to look them up on-line, thus being disappointed for a second time.

For the events around the birth of Eva, there were four numbers that continued to show up. 0, 1, 2, 7. I’m not going to imply that they mean anything more that coincidence, but it was kind of interesting.

7 – pounds

12 – ounces (weight at birth)

20 – inches long (at birth)

11:20 – Time of birth

12/22/2011 – Date of birth

2007 – Delivery Room

1101 – Recovery Room

1/11/2012 – Day I wrote this post


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