Not Digital Baby

We recently put up a post extolling the wonders of the digital age. Almost as quickly as I could come up with things to praise, there’s a long list of detriments.


So now I have 8 bazillion pictures of Eva. Fantastic, but really bad too. I talk about getting to take 20 pictures trying to capture that smile, and I do get that picture. What of the other 19 pictures? Do I delete them like a normal person? No. I store them all. It’s too final to delete them. What if three years from now I need a slightly blurry picture of her looking too her left? I can’t chance that. Wait a minute, I’ve heard people say things like that before. Where was that? Oh yeah, Hoarders. I’m a digital picture hoarder. You’re going to have to send in a professional who’ll make me seperate my pictures into different folders, Keep, Donate and Trash.

Speaking of pictures, we put our pictures on Drop Box to keep our family updated. Which is great until you forget to update it for a week. “Why haven’t you updated the Drop Box?” Uh….because I’m tired (lazy)?


I’m a bit of a Facebook snob. If I friend you, I don’t want my wall filled with only updates for your business or only about your kids. I want to know whats happening in your life and I want your profile picture to have you in it (This is also true for Christmas cards. Yes, I want to see your amazing children and have the annual “Oh my gosh they’re growing so fast…..crap, I’m old” reaction, but I also want to see the person I friended in high school, and see how they’re doing.)

Many a day I’ve logged into Facebook and thought about updating my status. What have I done today, or what thing happened that was interesting. Baby is the answer too both. So now, my posts typically concern baby or the blog (I consider this my business posts), so I’ve become what I’m snobbish against. As much as I think her staring at the Noah’s Ark on the wall is absolutely the most amazing thing to happen today, I’m trying not to assume everyone else will.


I like TV. Screw it, I love TV. I realize though that our relationship will have to change in the future. Eva has started to fixate on it. We have to turn her away, or block her sightline towards it (Turn it off? Would that actually work?) She’s already more interested in the news than me. Well, not exactly. From the research I’ve read (in a book, so it has to be true), infants essentially can’t turn away. They are attracted to the bright colors, but what really grabs them is the changing image. Before they’ve finished trying to figure out what they are looking at, they have to start over with a new image. With Eva, she’ll becomes a zombie to the TV. When I block her vision, it takes a moment for her to snap out of it and start looking around again. She’s in a hypnotic trance. Why TV, are you so hypnotic and bad for us?


Ack! She’ll be able to google me someday!


In the cozy comfort of her nursery, Eva will go to bed unbothered. She sleeps on an organic matress to avoid breathing in chemicals, her sheets are also organic and washed with laundry detergent that won’t cause her sensitive skin any discomfort. Ah, but this is a digital house. We have a wireless monitor, wireless phones, our cell phones, TV remotes, wireless X-Box and Wii remotes, keyless entry, and a wireless router all beaming God knows what throughout the house. I’m sure that’s perfectly fine, right….?


The last digital complaint today is about the monitor. Essentially a one way walk talkie, it provides us the sense that we can monitor her while we are not in the room. Did you know that the sound of a silent room is the same as the sound of a silent monitor? Or a monitor that has cut out? Or a monitor that someone forgot to turn on when he got back in the room at four in the morning? (Dang, she slept well last night, not a peep!) Luckily, Steph catches my mistakes.


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