Dinner Theater

A few Fridays ago, Steph and I had a date night. We went and saw “Titanic : The Musical” at the local dinner theater (La Comedia for those of you local to the area). Let me tell you, it was a disaster. (ba da dum ching)

The meal was a buffett, and the food was very good. It was nice to get a night away, even if the musical left me with a sinking feeling (ba da dum ching)

The musical was about this boat called Titanic, and ….. sorry, I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. (ba da dum ching)

OK, so I’m being little silly here. While we did enjoy our night out, that’s not the dinner theater I wanted to talk about. Lately, Eva is distracted while eating. She’s at the point now where she can see better, and understands what is going on around her. The bottle is her dinner and the world is her theater….and it’s flipping annoying!

See, the time where she eats is also daddy decompress time. I get to sit down, not worry about much other than making sure the bottle is in the correct spot, and relax. She’s satisfied, and daddy is happy.

Eva has expanded her horizons though. She wants to see what’s going on, who’s in the room, etc. If you are moving around, you must be doing something more interesting than eating.

I thought we had a deal. I provide food, you eat the food and are happy and content. You broke the deal. Are you also going to go back on our other deals, to root for the Twins and not date until you are 22? Is it unreasonable for me to make deals with two month olds?

Daycare won’t look at her when she’s eating. That sounds cruel, but she can be so engaging that even looking at her will stop her from eating. What, you’re looking at me? Let’s play! I blame this on Quinton, who has a similar reaction to you sitting on the floor. Obviously the only reason to sit on the floor is to play fetch.

Our solution right now is end the theater. No one else in the room, or at least not moving. This works…mostly. Thing is, she’s growing up. Her main thoughts now aren’t “Where am I?” or “Am I safe?”, but “What’s that?”, or most specifically “I wonder what that tastes like”.

Eva has responded by saying “Mmpf”.


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  1. Non sequitor, but the “What’s this?” mode that Eva is in sends me right back to work right now. It is test time, for all our English language learners. The most common question on the speaking portion? “What’s this?” while showing them various pictures. Sometimes I get to point, sometimes I get to coax them into saying the answer in a sentence, sometimes I get to add little bits of extra information, but it all comes down to “What’s this thing called in English?” (and in this case explanations like “that wriggly thing that wants to play fetch when I sit down and then licks me” does not count if the answer is supposed to be “Quinton”)

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