The View From Down Here

I was laying in bed thinking about the Easter weekend coming up. Would this be the year I finally caught the Easter bunny? As I pondered that, my thoughts were interupted. It started Tuesday night. One of the sounds that scares me the most (behind the sound of a empty snausage bag, the vacuum, and the door bell) was heard. Dad had gone downstairs to pull out the luggage. This means one of two things, they are leaving me, or we are being entombed in that vehicle for 11 hours.

I start to freak out. As I watch mom and dad gather things for the trip, it’s now obvious to me. We’re moving. Why else would we need so much stuff! I’m also noticing a trend. For me, one bag. For Mom and Dad, two bags. For Eva, 8 bajillion. What a diva.

Thursday night we crawl into the car after being tortured for two days not knowing when it would happen. I of course call shot gun, and relegate dad to the back seat. I have to be able to see what’s going on you know. Mom keeps telling me to go to sleep, but I’m too wired. Where are we going? Are we there yet? Where are we going? Are we there yet? I have to pee.

After two weeks in the car (or 11 hours as dad claims), we finally arrive back in Iowa. Finally a chance to stretch the legs and get all sorts of love, being the favoritist granddog.

Guess who steals the show. The diva. I guess I’ll let it slide. It is her first time back here.

The next day we went over to our other grandparents house. Same story there too. That’s alright, I did some exploring while everyone was occupied. I snuck into the bedroom and found the easter baskets left by the easter bunny. Drat! I was too late! Oh well, let’s see what I got. I knocked one basket over. Sniff sniff. Not mine. Knocked over another. Then, found mine. A squeaky toy!

I walked out to the living room and was proud of myself. Dad asked if grandma gave me my toy early. Um, yes? Later, when everyone was in the room, they slowly figured out that none of them had actually given it to me. I guess we know who the smart one in the room is.

They place Eva on the floor. Tummy time they declare. They cheer her on to move a bit. Pfft. I’ve been walking since I was born. Besides, she’s playing it all wrong. I can roll. I wouldn’t do it unless I got a treat. She trying to do it for free.

A couple of days later we’re heading back. I’m exhausted, so I sleep most of the way back.

It wasn’t all that bad of a trip though. I got to pee on four states, and according to dog law, I now own those four states. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa are now mine, so President Obama and Governor Romney better stop talking about the economy and social issues and start focusing on the real issues of the day, mainly more walks, more snasauges, and less kids on scooters going by my house.


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