Future of the Blog

When we started this blog last year, we had two goals. First, to keep everyone up to date on the status of our adoption without having to repeat ourselves too often, and secondly to bring some light to the adoption process for everyone who hasn’t had any personal contact with it (like we were a year ago). Along the way, I discovered that I really enjoy writing these posts. I’m a collector, and it’s hard to collect the moments of your life, but with the blog I feel I’ve collected snapshots of our moments in the past year. These snapshots should be there forever (good or bad).

The blog title leaves a little to be desired. It was just a place holder until we came up with a better one. Which we never did. I thought I came up with a good one “Life Itself”, until I realized I subconciously stole it from Roger Ebert’s biography. Whatever, it is what it is.

My posts are no longer exclusively adoption based. Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of adoption related events yet to come. Face to face meetings with birthparents. Our court date in July when it becomes official. The day Eva has to make a family tree for school. Etc. Those moments are important, but there are fewer of them now.

Now we are adoptive parents, with a focus on both adoptive and on parent. I think this blog should mirror our lives, and thus shouldn’t be just adoptive news (although I’ll still write about it a lot). So, where to go from here? If you follow us, you’ve seen I’ve written many a post on being a parent already. Change is here, but is that apparent in when someone stumbles upon this blog? It’s an adoption blog with less than 100% adoption content.

I go back and forth on that thought though. Showing the joys and perials of our parenthood is a validation of the adoptive process. Yes, you can have a happy and normal family through adoption. Our story can shed some light into the post-adoption world. We’re a family that is as different and the same as every other family. We’re a family first and foremost, but with adoption on the mind.

The other thing on my mind is readership. Who’s this blog for? Is it for me? Is it for Eva? Is it for our friends and family? Is it for the world? Right now, our readership is mostly friends and family, but do I want to branch out? Do I start posting my blog on other sites to share our joy? Doesn’t that open us up to less friendly readers who might not be so nice in a comment? Does every sentence in this paragraph have to be a question?

No matter what I think, this blog resides on this thing called the internet, and everyone can access this. We have a number of other bloggers who have stumbled upon this blog and continue to read us. We have friends who have shared our blog to their friends. It’s out there, and there’s no stopping that.

So now, I’m asking for your advice. I think the blog needs a name change desperately. I’ve listed some of my choices below, and want your opinions.

God’s Child, Our Joy

Joy Arrived

Plus One (this one is also stolen)

Life Itself (still like it)

Change This Life

All Will Be Well

Our Waking Dream

Sunny Days

Time Will Never Matter

Soon End In Joy

Fear to the Wind

Family++ (a little programmer humor)


One response

  1. I’m voting for Family++
    I think it fits! It reminds me that you, Scott, write most of them. Plus, two pluses for Eva and Quinton. And they can count for two kids at some point, leaving Quinton out of the equation, if two kids are in the cards!

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