Shall I install that basketball hoop?

We had our four month checkup not too long ago. It was shot time again, and she was a trooper with her latest rounds. She had an ear infection, but on the bright side she seems to have a higher pain tolerance at this point, as it didn’t slow her down all that much (a little discomfort swallowing).

She’s also continuing to grow. 90th percentile in height, 75th percentile in weight. Pretty steady with before. I’m installing the basketball hoop and volleyball nets now before it’s too late.

We tend to see our children as reflections of ourselves. I enjoy sports, so therefore she will enjoy sports too. With her God given height, she’ll obviously choose a sport where height is an advantage. So, basketball, volleyball or play in the Professional Keep Away League (PKAL).

This may seem rather ordinary to you, I mean don’t most parents picture their children doing the same fun things that they did? I project sports on her, another parent projects theatre on theirs, and yet another parent dresses them up for their first Renaissance Festival. Parents see their children doing the same things as they did (or wish they did).

As a pre-adoptive parent, I wondered if things would be different. Would I be able to project on a child that doesn’t share my DNA? Will I look at her and only see her birthparents? Could I only project a future for them based on that?

Obviously, this wasn’t the case with me. I fully expect her to play sports, sing in the choir, love Pixar movies, and be a fun loving person like her mom and I.

So I’ve charted out the next few years out for her, with anticipation that we’ll all be seeing her in the 2032 Olympics in Rio. Your children always grow up to what you expect them to be, right?


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