First Mother’s Day

We’ve passed Mother’s Day. It’s extra special this year because it’s momma’s first Mother’s Day. I was told under no circumstance was I to screw this up, as this is her only First Mother’s Day.

Luckily, I’m not the first dad in my group of friends. I got to see what happens you say the dumb thing that goes through all our male brains. For example…”But you’re not MY mother.” It’s not pleasant.

This Mother’s Day is also in the midst of a number of stressful moments for her including: the penultimate moment of her school year…the school musical, hosting both our families, our daughter’s baptism, a party with friends, driving to Cincy with Eva, and our social worker’s visit.

With this all in mind, how did Mother’s Day turn into such a disaster?


It started the week before. I thought a week would be plenty of time to get what I wanted. It wasn’t. Some things required shipping, and would arrive post Mother’s Day. Some things only existed in my mind. The toughest part was realizing that a week of time post child is significantly less time that a week pre child. Instead of going out a night or two during the week, I’m forced to cram it into lunch breaks and such.

I manage to get most of what I want. I even get a cake from The Cakery to top it off. I ask Eva to bring home something for Mom for Mother’s Day, and she says OK.

Saturday comes, and we are travelling to Cincy. Steph doesn’t feel the best, but makes due. Better to be sick on Saturday than Sunday.

Sunday comes, and Steph is still off. No breakfast. However, as church is let out, she’s feeling better. I had made reservations at Melting Pot , and she can’t resist fondue. Well, she can if it disagrees with her. Which it does. For the next three days.

She’s acquired some sort of stomach bug. There are three things that can aggravate it : Milk, alcohol and salad. There are four courses for the Mother’s Day special : Cheese fondue (milk and alcohol), Salad (salad), Meat and Veggies, and chocolate fondue (milk). By the end of the meal, she was ready to be home, in bed.

“But we have cake!”

“Don’t talk about food!”

For the rest of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Steph is immobilized…or sometimes very mobile on the way to the bathroom. Nothing sits well with her, and she just feels miserable. As precaution, we decide to keep her away from Eva. So, for Mother’s Day, Eva is sequestered away from her mother. For Mother’s Day, her cake will sit in the fridge until Wednesday.


So now, we have a year to plan for second Mother’s Day (you only get one of those!). Hopefully daddy can plan ahead and hopefully mommy will be healthy.

“Eva, I forgot to ask. What did you get mommy for Mother’s Day?”

“Why, I brought home the stomach bug!”


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