Toy Battle

The Setting : Lunch out at Chipotle

The Stakes : Being Eva’s entertainment for the meal.

The Contestants :

In corner one we have Elley, the Elephant.

Elley is a colorful toy, with bright blue colors and vibrant green feet. Her core is made a crinkle materials for maximum sound making. Her feet are soft plastic, good for a teething infant. Her hands, ears, and trunk provide a number of ways to held, and a number of places to chew on.

Elley has been there from the beginning, and will be with her for a long time afterwards.

In corner two we have a Chipotle Napkin

This napkin is brown on brown, given away for free, and is generally discarded quickly by most patrons. It makes no noise, has no easy to grab elements, and has no purpose other than taking that food that somehow missed your mouth. While a gift card from Chipolte is nice, no one would ever want to unwrap a napkin from under the tree.

What will Eva choose?

Napkin after napkin were attacked and left by the way side (i.e. the floor next to us). This napkin has seen better days:

Once again, the lesson is: All those carefully selected toys you and your loved ones have purchased for your baby will lose out in battles with napkins, empty boxes, and Eva’s new favorite “toy”, the hymnal.


The Name Race

Eva is starting to talk. Mostly some version of “ay”, and it’s encouraging. It’s also the start of the “Great Name Race”, who will she call for first? Will it be mommy or daddy? The stakes are nothing more that being the most favorite parent, and a gift card to Chipotle. (ok, so neither of those are quite true, but let’s pretend).

Going for daddy is the fact it’s easier to say “da” than “ma”. Going for mommy is that she’s more often the favorite parent (Eva definately has days where she is a mommy’s girl and others where she is a daddy’s girl), and mommy got her first laugh over the weekend. Daddy has been working her since day one, pointing to her and saying “Eva”, pointing to himself and saying “daddy”. Mommy’s more in touch with her, and knows when the learning moments are.

There are fair play rules to follow. First, you have to start calling each other correctly. There is no Steph, only mommy. This is a hard rule to follow, as she’s been Steph to me for 16 years now. (If Steph and I had a child after we first started dating, they would be a freshman this year, and this post would have been about how they wanted a car.) Second, you can’t discourage Eva’s efforts. If I’m playing with her, and the “em”, “mmm”, “mahs” start to come out, you have to be happy and encourage it. Third, no lying if you hear it, and it’s not you. Forth, dada and mama count.

Vegas has released their odds :

Daddy : 2 to 1

Mommy : 3 to 1

Eva : 3 to 1

Doggie : 4 to 1

Quinton : 10 to 1

Mauer : 20 to 1

“Stupid Vikings” : 25 to 1 (depending on if she waits until football season)

Let the race begin….